ClubWPT™ Diamond, An Exclusive Higher Tier Online Poker Membership Level Featuring Bigger Cash Prize Pools, More WPT® Live Event Packages & Elite Experiences

ClubWPT™ Diamond – Take Your Game To The Next Level

This new premium membership level offers players the opportunity to compete for larger prize pools, more WPT® live event seat VIP packages and an exclusive line-up of unique experience packages.

新开sf传奇ClubWPT™ Diamond membership offers a fully-loaded lineup of preferred benefits including:

  • Exclusive schedule of Diamond tournaments featuring bigger prizes with at least one prominent event per day.
  • More qualifying opportunities for official WPT® live event packages.
  • Complimentary membership to LearnWPT's Insider Access Plan for poker skill development (a $99.00/month value.)
  • Projected smaller tournament sizes with less players sitting out.
  • 100 seats for the $100,000 ClubWPT™ Diamond Championship.
  • Diamond access at World Poker Tour® special events.
  • Access to all Diamond level tournaments with NO Tournament Points (TPs) required.
  • VIP Membership Included - Diamond members get access to ALL ClubWPT™ VIP benefits, including the chance to win a share of $100,000 per month in cash & prizes*.
  • All of the great VIP membership perks are also included like exclusive access to entire library of WPT™ TV show episodes, great discounts to official WPT® gear & merchandise at , guaranteed everyday savings at ScoreBig® on tickets to live sports games, shows & concerts, and full complimentary access to the Entertainment SaversGuide® where you can enjoy 2-For-1 savings on attractions & live events; enjoy family events, date night & weekend outings for less; movies, sporting events, golf & more. 1,000s of 2-for-1 deals and up to 50% off restaurant coupons daily to everything from fine & casual dining to pizza, fast food & more.

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ClubWPT™ Diamond Frequently Asked Questions

What is ClubWPT™ Diamond?

新开sf传奇ClubWPT™ Diamond is a premium level of ClubWPT™ membership. In addition to all of the great VIP membership benefits, Diamond members have access to enhanced benefits and a unique lineup of tournaments featuring bigger prizes, smaller field sizes, more WPT® seats and exclusive lineup of unique experiences.

If I'm already a VIP member, how do I upgrade to ClubWPT™ Diamond level?

Once logged in to ClubWPT™ lobby, navigate to the left-hand menu and select “My Account”. Once you have selected “My Account”, select “Manage My Membership” and you will be able to upgrade to Diamond level. You will need to verify your billing details again and then your new monthly ClubWPT™ Diamond membership will begin.

If I'm new to ClubWPT™, do I first need to sign up for VIP before joining Diamond level?

新开sf传奇No, if you're new to ClubWPT™ you can simply sign up as a new Diamond member, which will automatically give you full access to all VIP level benefits, including a chance to win a share of the already existing prize pool of $100,000 in cash & prizes every month, which is in addition to the Diamond cash prize pool.

Can I get a free trial for Diamond membership?

The 14-day free trial is only available for VIP membership. While you are in your free trial for VIP you will be able to see all of the Diamond offerings and be able to upgrade to Diamond at any time.

What if I still have time left on my VIP membership? Will I receive any credit?

新开sf传奇Yes, if you still have time left on your Monthly, Quarterly or Annual VIP plan, you will receive a prorated credit that will be used against future ClubWPT™ membership fees regardless of whether they are VIP or Diamond.

Does ClubWPT™ Diamond membership include VIP level benefits and what is the price?

新开sf传奇Yes, VIP membership and all its benefits are included as part of your ClubWPT™ Diamond membership for a monthly fee of $149.95.

How many Tournament Points (TPs) are required to enter Diamond Tournaments?

新开sf传奇None. All ClubWPT™ Diamond tournaments are available to all Diamond™ members. Tournament Points are not needed for entry into any Diamond tournaments. Regular VIP tournaments still require the use of Tournament Points for registration as they have in the past.

What can I expect for prizes in ClubWPT™ Diamond tournaments?

You can expect the very biggest and best prizes that ClubWPT has to offer. You can also expect that the number of players entered for Diamond Club tournaments will be less than featured VIP tournaments. ClubWPT Diamond is a new product and as such the tournament prizes offered will be adjusted on a regular basis.

What extra benefits are available for ClubWPT™ Diamond Members?

All ClubWPT™ Diamond members will receive free membership to LearnWPT's™ Insider Access Plan. This package from LearnWPT™ is designed to help take your poker game to the next level. The LearnWPT™ Insider Access Plan package features ten (10) WPT® GTO trainer scenarios, twenty (20) key strategy episodes, a weekly strategy series and an exclusive community discussion forum. The LearnWPT™ Insider Access Plan package is offered to the general public at $99.00 per month.

Will ClubWPT™ Diamond have any impact on ClubWPT™ VIP membership offerings?

新开sf传奇No. ClubWPT™ will continue to offer all the value that you have become accustomed to, including over $100,000 in cash & prizes every month, in addition to tremendous VIP only benefits like exclusive access to the entire library of World Poker Tour™ TV show episodes, access to Entertainment SaversGuide®, discounts at ShopWPT® and ScoreBig®, and invitations to exclusive members only events and promotions.

Do I use the same Username and Password for ClubWPT™ Diamond as ClubWPT™ VIP?

Yes, you only need one single ClubWPT™ account to access all levels of membership. The membership level you select upon signup (or choose to upgrade from VIP to Diamond) will determine which tournaments you will be able to access in the lobby.

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